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Article: Innovative Work Behavior Among Teachers in Malaysia

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Innovative Work Behavior among Teachers in Malaysia: The Effects of Teamwork, Principal Support, and Humor
Asian Journal of University Education, v17 n2 p72-84 Apr 2021

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) profoundly transforms educational landscapes, emphasizing the immense benefits of integrating advanced technologies into teaching and learning processes. This paradigm shift is heralding the advent of Education 4.0, a visionary approach that demands educators cultivate environments conducive to student creativity and innovation. The study delves into the dynamic interplay between teamwork, principal support, and humor and their collective influence on innovative work behavior (IWB) among 354 school teachers in Malaysia. Utilizing multiple linear regression analysis, the findings reveal that robust teamwork and strong principal support are pivotal in significantly enhancing IWB. Moreover, teachers who adeptly incorporate humor into their pedagogical practices are more likely to exhibit heightened levels of innovation. These insights are invaluable for education managers and policymakers, providing a nuanced understanding of the critical factors that drive teachers’ innovative behaviors. By recognizing and fostering these elements, educational leaders can create more supportive, collaborative environments that encourage creativity.
Furthermore, implementing university courses specifically designed for pre-service teachers, focusing on collaborative innovation strategies, can be instrumental. Incorporating collaborative creativity exercises within these programs further bolsters the propensity for innovation in educational settings. Such initiatives prepare future educators to embrace and lead with innovative practices and ensure that the spirit of creativity permeates the educational system. These strategic measures can significantly contribute to cultivating a more dynamic, innovative, and responsive education sector, ultimately benefiting students and society. Thus, as we navigate the complexities of Industry 4.0, the emphasis on fostering innovative work behavior among teachers becomes increasingly paramount, underscoring the need for comprehensive support systems, collaborative frameworks, and the creative integration of humor in teaching methodologies.

Innovative Work Behavior among Teachers in Malaysia: The Effects of Teamwork, Principal Support, and Humor

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