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This is not only one of the best predictors of effective leadership, but it is poorly understood and under researched. Social intelligence is quite broad but can best be seen in terms of understanding of social situations and dynamics and ability to operate effectively in a variety of social situations. Our research suggests that social intelligence, which we define as a constellation of social performance, sensitivity to social situations and role-playing skill are critically important for effectively leadership.
Interpersonal skills could be seen as a subset of social intelligence but these are the more relationship-oriented aspect of social effectiveness. We often talk about the “ soft skills” of the leader and these are best represented by interpersonal skills.
A complement to social intelligence, emotional intelligence is our ability to communicate at the emotional level, understand emotions and emotional situations and be in tune with our own emotions. These are particularly related to leadership “ charisma”
One of the core competencies for leaders for leaders is the ability to make good decisions or lead a good decision  making process. There are better and worse ways to make decisions and a good leader understands when to make a decision, when to consult subordinates or peers and bring them into the decision making process and when its time to step back and let others decide.
Every group or organizations is, at its core, full of politicking. People will try to bend rules, gain allies, push their personal agenda. Etc, in order to try to get ahead. An effective leader is  a good political player, who knows how the game is played, but can also manage political behaviour so that it does not lead to group or organizational dysfunction.

Competencies Required of A Leader

Module : Kepimpinan Organisasi
Duration : 2 Hari
Masa : 8.00 am – 5.00 pm
SLOT  1 : What is Organization Leadership
SLOT 2 : New Leadership Challenge 
Professional Lecture & Trainer
Methodology : Video,Experience , Presentation
Sijil Penyertaan , Jamuan Ringan
SLOT 4 : Leaders and Manager
SLOT 5 : The Power of Leadership
SLOT 6 : Risk of Leadership

Competencies Required of A Leader

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